August 4, 2009

flathead lakehuckleberry shakegood music, great views, fun friends and huckleberry shakes paved the way north


August 4, 2009

Since I arrived in Montana I have heard about the beauty of Glacier National Park…and I have been aching to explore the epic northwest corner of this state.  With three lovely ladies, we weaved our way up Western Montana to enter one of the most magnificent places I have ever been…each mile closer I became more and more giddy…cruisin

CA to MT

August 4, 2009

In January I moved to Livingston, MT from Mil Valley, CA to start a job in Americorps VISTA.  I have always had a passion for this area of the world…big mountains, steady pace of live, horses and good people.  My life has been simplified since I made the move. Less money to work with, finding new friends and re-considering what my priorities are.  The great expanse of Montana has provided me with endless adventure opportunities and I am starting to feel like I want to make a life out here.  I am happy, calm and excited about life in this state.  I keep on finding people, places and experiences that make me want to make Montana my permanent home…


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